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Emergence of Fashion Styling: A rising Career Choice

The constant search for novelty is a concern that builds up for the fashion designers from one season to the next. This struggle comes from the ever-changing trends showcased on the runway and majorly of what appears on the street. The idea is not ‘What to wear’ but ‘How to wear’ clothes that influence the trends and gives rise to Fashion Styling as one of the career choices.

In today’s era, it is the outer appearance that holds a majority level in uplifting one’s spirit, confidence and holding a perception for someone. Fashion styling is not just wearing luxurious clothing, labelled accessories and applying layers of makeup. It’s about an attitude, a state of mind and a way of expressing yourself to the world. Thus fashion styling and fashion stylists help one to create a unique image and help to brand oneself and others.

With the evolution of the fashion industry, Fashion styling has become one of the emerging professions. It is the job title for someone who selects apparel and accessories for someone in editorial features, campaigns, events, magazines, television or for any public appearances.

To become a fashion stylist, one needs to acquire Fashion styling program that includes modules like fashion draping, Mannequin styling, still life styling, Makeup and Hair services, thematic and budget based shoots. Apart from this, a fashion stylist needs to have specialized skills in coordinating looks, a keen eye for trends and colours and the ability to think out of the box. Being celebrity stylists or working with models to the biggest brands for photo shoots, the career in fashion and style opens for all.

A fashion stylist or an image consultant should know how to accentuate positive attributes of people they dress. Choosing an appropriate outfit and deciding upon the kind of makeup for someone to flatter is an art. The field requires extensive knowledge to know how’s of fashion and a knack for matching the clients with the clothing that supports their image and ideas.

The Fashion styling courses focus on creating an iconic contemporary fashion image and allows individual to develop a unique voice for it. To test one’s own skills and ideas various apps have been installed such as Polyvore, lime road, Shein contests to encourage the young budding talent.

A career as a fashion stylist or an image consultant is a smart choice for someone who loves networking and experimenting. However to remain in the industry one should be on toes as the two days won’t be same for an individual. One day you will be busy with a fashion shoot and the other day you might be writing a piece on style. The avenues for styling professional are endless from the catwalk to the red carpet to someone’s closet. One such example of it is the styling session happened for Jediiians at London College of Fashion. The students explored their skills onto the models that resulted into a creative, productive fashion shoot. To bring your dreams into reality, JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers Diploma courses in Fashion Styling helping the young creative minds transform into aspiring stylists.

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