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Skills needed for a fashion stylist

Now that we have understood what is fashion styling, what are the various fashion styling skills needed to be a successful fashion stylist? The main one is to be passionate about creating looks with fashion and lifestyle products. They need to actively develop personal contacts as potential clients can come through their personal relationships, or someone might refer them to a client. Along with this they need the ability to develop personal networking skills as it is important to make them approachable and reliant on their services. A fashion stylist needs to stay updated on the current trends and fashion collection presented by designers in order to come up with innovative looks that have not been done before. Being proactively doing projects, either independent or collaborative projects help a stylist in building their aesthetics, skills and personal identity.

What does a fashion stylist do ?

fashion stylist is mainly involved in creating looks that are innovative, aesthetic and which suit the person wearing those looks. A fashion stylist job description includes attending fashion show, various showroom presentations and any fashion industry events to stay updated about designers and trends; sourcing clothes from a variety of designers, shops and boutiques; researching fashion, costume and art history to come up with how fashion can be styled and the ways they have been done in the past in order determine how they could do it in the present; consulting individuals involved in fashion industry or the entertainment industry such as models, photographers, designers, art directors, magazine editors, and film and TV directors; working with public figures to come up with a personal identity in fashion, which can include personal shopping; assisting in buying clothes for retail chains.

Where do fashion stylists work ?

fashion stylist can be found working in the following areas: on professional photoshoots; on print and commercial advertisements; music videos; for public figures such as a celebrity fashion stylist or for a politician; as a media fashion stylist for television; develop personal fashion style for aspiring or current celebrities or public figures; costume design for movies, and other related areas which require clothes and its visual communication.

What is fashion styling is a question that individuals entering into the fashion industry often ask. Being a fashion stylist requires dedication, patience and motivation. It can seem challenging, but as long as one is passionate about what they do it will pave its own way. Fashion styling requires creativity as well as the ability to understand how clothes work on different people, body types and events. The most popular type of fashion stylist is that of a celebrity fashion stylist as the public figures are always under the scrutiny of the public and media. After this, fashion styling finds itself immensely in movie fashion styling as well as in advertisement fashion styling. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru’s Diploma in fashion styling aims to train students who are passionate about fashion styling and enable them to develop the skill and ability to become successful fashion stylists in India or wherever they practice this art.

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