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What is meant by Vintage Fashion Style?

The word “vintage” is oftentimes used to describe the style of clothing that ranges from 20 to 100 years old and it represents the era of the times during which it was manufactured. The condition that is needed for a certain piece of clothing to be categorized as vintage is that it should have a concrete reflection of the trends and styles that are often linked by many to that particular era. You may find vintage clothing as an Haute Couture or in high-quality mainstream fashion labels and it can be new, used, handmade or even manufactured.

Apart from that, you also need to understand that the definition of vintage can be very flexible hence for every new decade, there will be new things that can be fit into this category and therefore be labeled as vintage. It is also important for you to know that every item that is classified as vintage will become antique as time passes by. Any vintage clothing that is at least 100 years old or more will fall into the category of antique.

Some examples of Clothing with Vintage Fashion Style (from the 1920s to 1990s)

  • The 1920s: Long beads, Flapper Dresses, T-strap shoes, and Heeled Mary Janes
  • The 1930s: Puffed and Fluttery sleeves, Bolero Jackets, Oxfords, Fedoras, Peep-toe Shoes and Slingbacks
  • The 1940s: Wool plaids skirts and straight tweed, Reptile Shoes and Handbags, Brooches and Platform Shoes
  • The 1950s: Shirtwaist Dresses, Full Skirts with Petticoats, Fur Trim, Strings of Pearls, Twin Sweater Sets, and Wayfarer Sunglasses
  • The 1960s: Jackie Kennedy style, Elegant Pillbox Hats, and Box-Jacket suits Flowing Tops, Bell-Bottom Jeans, and Bohemian Style
  • The 1970s: Birkin bag, Platforms, Boho-Chic, Flare Jeans, Block Heels, Thigh-High Boots, and Khaki
  • The 1980s: Gold Chains, Izod Golf Shirts, Sweaters with Strong Shoulders Pads and Blazers, and Stillettos
  • The 1990s: Leggings, Chokers, Baggy Flannel Shirts, and Big Sweaters

How to Get Your Vintage Clothes?

If you would like to have your vintage clothes then you should search for the stores that have vintage in the name of the store or the descriptions of the clothes. You should always ask the people in charge to make sure that it’s vintage before you decide to buy it for yourself. Apart from that, you may be able to find some vintage clothes in a used clothing store but the type of clothes that you will find are mostly old clothes. I would highly recommend you to go straight to an official vintage store so that you will be able to find a professional collection of vintage pieces as well as an owner who has a lot of experience in vintage designs to help you to make your decisions on which pieces that you truly love. Talking about the kids, we recommend checking out Petit Bateau shop where you’ll find high-quality vintage and modern clothing from France.

Why do people would want to dress in this Fashion Style?

Most of the time, people would dress in this fashion style so that they would be able to deliver a subliminal message to society to make a statement for themselves so that they could stand up for the things that they believe in. They usually would be attracted to items that are handmade from high-quality materials or at least any items that possess a unique material value. One of the things that are beautiful about this fashion style is the fact that the level of beauty of this fashion style will depend on the personal preferences of the people who are wearing it hence making it a fashion style that gives ultimate freedom to the people.

What is meant by Casual Wear?

Casual wear is not a particular set of codes rather the real definition of casual wear is anything that considered traditionally by many to be not suitable or inappropriate for a regular occasion that requires a formal dressing code. Think of casual wear as a particular set of clothes that you wear to make yourself feel relaxing but at the same time maintaining the level of elegance so that you would be able to use it comfortably as your everyday outfits. Since you need to pick a particular garment and match it with the other, casual wear will usually fuse the way you want to look with the comforts of your garments so be creative, try to test which clothes suit you best.

A casual dress code may be one of the best chance for those who love to express the true sense of personal style to the public. Whether it’s your personal preferences that made you want something rugged or sleek, down-to-earth or upscale, casual wear invites you to dress the way that makes you feel comfortable to you all the time. Instead of focusing all of your attention into the formalities, casual wear enables you to find the balance that you want between the level of comforts, personal style, as well as individuality so that you will be able to dress fashionably but at the same time wearing a functional outfit.

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