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The symbol you see FIRST in this personality test reveals your best trait – what do you see?

What did you first see in this image – a book, roses, a tilted cross, balloons, a heart, a lion, a smiling face or a tie?

Which symbol do you see first

Which symbol do you see first?


  • The image was shared by The Minds Journal
  • It has several symbols including a book, roses, a tilted cross, balloons, a heart, a lion, a smiling face and a tie
  • What you see first reveals your best personality trait

Illusions often leave people arguing about what they see in them. They also reveal a lot of your personality

Look closely at this image carefully and tell which symbol did you notice first.

Which symbol do you see first

Which symbol did you notice first?

The book

If you spotted the book first, you have the gift of intuition.

“Most people are open books to you and you are frequently approached by those who need advice because they are unable to make their own choices,” The Minds Journal said.

“You are able to handle most of the challenges that are thrown at you with ease and grace.”


If you spotted the roses first, love is your biggest weapon.

“You are quick to pick out something beautiful in all that you see, even if that beauty is well hidden. You prefer being peaceful and tranquil so you do not indulge in unnecessary gossip and the spotlight holds no attraction for you,” the article said.

It added, “Gentleness comes easily to you and you always do your best to please others.”

Tilted cross

If you noticed the tilted cross first, you have the rare gift of self-control and discipline.

“Giving your heart to another person is hard for you but when you really want someone, you do your best to make it work.”

“You have taught yourself self-control and you are now a master of your own self, something others struggle to achieve.”


you saw the balloons first, you have the gifts of optimism and hope.

“You are an incurable daydreamer with little to no control over where your mind is wandering,” according to the Mind Journal.

“When you have decided that something feels right, no one else can change your mind.”

The Heart

If you noticed the heart first, it means that you are dedicated to finding love in any situation.

“You want all people to be happy and you channel this by developing powerful healing methods.”

“Your natural kindness ensures that you never resent anyone for long. People come to you because you are compassionate and forgiving.”

The Lion

you saw the lion first, you have great self-confidence and you are honest with yourself.

“You aren’t blind to your own faults but you accept them just as much as your good traits.”

The Smiling Face

If you spotted the smiling face first, “you always look at the lighter side of things and when you are around, it always feels like a party.”

“Laughter is freely available when you are around because your sense of humor never fails you.”

The Tie

If you noticed the first, you are extremely disciplined and hard-working.

“You never make a promise that you cannot fulfill. When you undertake a task, you pour all of yourself into it.”

“You are not scared of obstacles and anything that challenges you also excites you.”

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