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How does the changing Fashion Trends impact the youth?

Fashion has become a state of mind now, and the Youth population and the teenagers take Fashion as self-expression, and they are not wrong. People enjoy receiving all the attention they get and will wear just about anything to receive it. The outfits we choose reflect our attitude and style. In some way, it also reflects your overall self-confidence. The modern Youth follow fashion trends to get a feeling of identity and belonging out of it.

Positive Effects

Fashion is an evolving art, and it has come a long way. For younger people, it is a sense of freedom and expression through Fashion and Style. Following your own fashion statement gives you a sensation of free-thinking, and you do become more of an independent thinker. In this aspect, the trends aid the Youth.

Another main thing which we can say is that with the changing trends, it helps the Youth connect with people of the same interests. Self-expression is always good, and if something aids in self-expression, it is healthier.

Negative Effects

When there are positives, there will be some quantity of negatives. Youth are becoming more obsessed with Fashion, which can lead to only thinking about Fashion, and it further leads to wastage of money on Fashion. Overdose of anything is harmful, and it applies to Fashion too. The trends can lure people into buying and drool over styles as they compete with others, and if it reaches a point of over obsession, then it can cause negative effects.

Media & Celebrities

Teenagers and Youth use magazines and media to decide what the forthcoming trends are so that they will know exactly what to purchase and what not to. Fashion shows and magazines play a large role in influencing the Youth’s lifestyle, and sense of style. Most of them purchase clothes after glancing through the magazines and looking through the ads on social media and Television. These things affect the choice of youngster’s clothes.

Teenagers will admire the celebrities they love. People look up to them for any fashion influence. Teenagers view all sorts of reality shows to attempt and keep up with their favourite celebrity’s fashion. They also look up to celebrities for other style ideas.


The Top Brands often come up with something new, and they are the ones who influence Fashion worldwide. Young people will show a more brand-oriented choice when they go shopping. Most teenagers will go shopping at stores where they sell high-end designer clothes. It is a marketing strategy followed by most high-end brands targeting youth.

Fashion awareness is increasing day by day, and everyone wants to look best. There is essentially no harm in looking good until you tend to become obsessed with fashion. Now the times are changing and we can confidently say the plate is turning and the youth are becoming influencers of Fashion. More and more brands are leaned towards studying what the young crowd wants rather than presenting something and asking the world to follow it. The trends will change, and it is based on the adaptability and control of how it impacts different people. Give your thoughts surrounding this blog in the comments segment below.

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