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2022 Yezdi Roadster First Ride Review

The Yezdi Roadster is the entry-level model in the new Yezdi motorcycle range. It also is closest in design to the Jawa Forty-Two and the original Yezdi bikes of the 1970s.

2022 Yezdi Roadster First Ride Review

The Yezdi Roadster is the most-affordable model in the Yezdi range with prices beginning at Rs. 1.98 lakh


  • Yezdi Roadster is the most-affordable model in new Yezdi range
  • The 334 cc engine makes 29.3 bhp @ 7,300 rpm, 29 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
  • Prices range from Rs. 1.98 – Rs. 2.06 lakh (Ex-showroom)

The Yezdi Roadster is the modern-classic roadster in the new Yezdi motorcycle range and has design somewhat reminiscent of the original Yezdi bikes from the 1970s. It’s designed for everyday use, for the daily commute and short dashes in and around the city. In a way, the Roadster is the true modern “classic” of the new Yezdi family, yet with all the modern trappings and features, such as an LCD instrument console, LED lighting, liquid-cooled, double overhead cam (DOHC) engine and anti-lock braking system (ABS). But is it any good? We spent a couple of hours with the Yezdi Roadster to get to know it better.

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The Yezdi Roadster has a stance reminiscent of the old Yezdi bikes of the ’70s. It still is a modern motorcycle, a mixture of a modern classic roadster and a cruiser.

Design & Features

The silhouette and stance of the Yezdi Roadster is definitely closest to the original Yezdis, but closer to the modern Jawas than any of the other Yezdi bikes. It comes with a single, round, LCD display, along with round LED headlight, taillight and LED indicators. ABS is standard and not switchable, and unlike the more purpose-built Yezdi Scrambler and Yezdi Adventure models, it gets just one level ABS.

With a long wheelbase (1,440 mm) and raked out steering, the Roadster looks somewhat of a mix between a retro roadster and a cruiser. To me, it works from some angles, and from other angles, it just looks a little out of place.

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There are conemporary and modern elements and features, like LED lighting, ABS, and a LCD screen with all the necessary read-outs.


The design of the Yezdi Roadster looks attractive from some angles, and from others, it looks a little out of proportion.

But the subject of aesthetics is subjective, and while its styling may not work for some, it may prove to be attractive to others. But the more practical problem with the Roadster’s design is in the company it keeps to its prospective customers. With a design that is closer to the Jawa Forty-Two, than the older Yezdis of the ’70s, the Roadster’s biggest weakness is that it will share showroom space with not just the more attractive Yezdi Scrambler and the rather purposeful-looking Yezdi Adventure siblings, but also with its good-looking Jawa cousins. But where it makes up over the Jawa models is in the spec sheet, at least over the Jawa Classic and the Jawa Forty-Two.

Engine & Performance

The Yezdi Roadster’s engine has been tuned with everyday use in mind and has the narrowest powerband amongst the three new Yezdi bikes. The 334 cc engine has been tuned to make 29.3 bhp at 7,300 rpm with 29 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. The engine sounds a lot like the Jawa Perak it’s derived from, and performance is also somewhat similar.


The Yezdi Roadster will effortlessly cruise at over 100 kmph, and top speed will be around 125 kmph.

It will happily rev all the way to the redline and is up for a handful of throttle as you accelerate through the gears. The gears slick into position with precision and triple digit speeds are achieved quite effortlessly. In a straight line, the Roadster does remind you somewhat of the old Yezdis; with a somewhat similar riding position, and with dynamics you would expect from a long wheelbase roadster.


The Yezdi Roadster gets telescopic front suspension and gas-charged twin shocks at the rear. Ground clearance is the least amongst the three Yezdi models. The suspension is firm, but not too harsh to complain. But it still isn’t the plushest in its segment, and with a firm set-up, expectations of its dynamics are high.

Ride & Handling

The Scrambler’s suspension is set up on the firmer side. It’s got more travel than the Roadster, but less than the Adventure, with 150 mm front wheel travel, and gas-charged twin rear shocks with 7-step preload adjustability and 130 mm travel. The preload on our test bike was set up somewhere in the middle. The suspension though still feels firm and stiff. When going over broken patches, and potholes, you can feel the edges of the road imperfections, including speed breakers. On our short test ride on tarmac, it didn’t prove to be too much of a bother, but for someone looking to venture out on longer journeys, the firm suspension may certainly need some getting used to.


Off-road shenanigans are where the Scrambler comes into its element. Its relatively light weight, short wheelbase, and punchy low-end performance combine to make for an entertaining experience.

With a weight of 182 kg (without fuel), the Scrambler is the lightest among the three Yezdis, and it also has the shortest wheelbase (1,403 mm). Dynamically, it feels the most planted and the most agile, and the tall and wide handlebar offers good leverage for quick direction changes, whether on tarmac, or out on the trail. The 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel may not have actual ADV creds, as well as the slightly limited suspension travel, but it’s more than enough for light off-road work, and for some fun sliding around in the dirt and small jumps. In all, the Yezdi Scrambler offers a fun and accessible package, which can prove to be quite an entertaining companion, depending on what you seek from it, everyday practicality, or just pure, unadulterated fun.


The Yezdi Scrambler certainly makes for a positive first impression. As a motorcycle which makes you want to take it for one more spin, certainly deserves credit. It has its shortcomings, but if fun is what you’re looking for, the Scrambler has the capability to put a grin on your face.

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