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Picoworkers Why is everyone obsessing about it?

Our aim in this article is to assess the legitimacy of Picoworkers. A quick overview of how to maximize your earnings while working on the site.

Several people have earned upwards of 4000 USD for their work.

Disclaimer –

I have used Affiliate Links in this article, it is entirely up to you if you choose to use them. If you choose to use them, and want help on how to make money online then join my telegram. Click on any heading or image to see the website.

Freelancers from around the world can connect with businesses through Picoworkers.

Picoworkers is the ideal choice for businesses that need other people to help with their work. They can find workers here who can complete easy jobs quickly and efficiently. Numerous of the jobs available at Picoworkers are microjobs that don’t take up much time.

Cryptocurrency payments are accepted and rewarded.

Picoworkers 1 - 6 Arrows which will be correlated to text so people can understand what I am saying

By going to this section you can edited the layout so you can see more of the jobs being listed at once.

Pro Tip – I  think changing the amount to 0.3 – 1.5 will improve your average earnings as you’ll always be earning 1/3 of a dollar.

Change the categories depending on what you fancy doing.

As you progress through you’ll slowly start reciving jobs that have levels.

Majority of jobs our listed as “Started” So you don’t really need to worry about it at all.

The Amount of money that is earnt for doing the task that is offered.

Make sure you check how many jobs are left, if you choose to do one that has limited space make sure you reserve it so you dont lose your payment.

Click on a task that is being offered. I clicked on a Reddit Task.

Once you click the task you’ll be given a screen like above. Here you’ll see some stats and what category the job is.

On the same screen you’ll see “Hold This Job” which costs a fee to use.

Make sure you read the specific task, see what is expected and read what you need to do to submit proof.

This task requires me to go onto reddit and upvote a post. Simple tasks, for easy gains. Once the task is complete make sure you fill the proof exactly as they say.

Otherwise you may not be credited as some businesses are really specfic

“Username of poster id without u/”

If you add the u/ in they won’t credit you. Make sure you read it properly.

Before you can withdraw, you will need to provide proof of your identity and upload a picture of your real face.

  1. To withdraw, your task interval timer must be zero.
  2. To achieve a zero task interval, new users must complete a minimum number of tasks.
  3. Withdrawals are allowed after your earned balance reaches $5.
  4. Spendable balances cannot be withdrawn.
  5. All withdrawals are processed within 10 business days.

Paying employees can choose from seven different ways to withdraw money from Picoworkers.

From my overall experience I have found that Picoworkers do succesfully pay after 10 days.

But for your added security you can check out this link!

Payment Proof!

Looking at the trustpilot review and my own personal experience I can safely safe the site is legit. It starts of a little slow with the interval timer but once you start knocking your timer down you can really start to earn!

Affiliate Association Rating:
Trust Pilot Review

People who really put the time and effort in will see the results. If you’re seriously commited to earning an income online then I wouldn’t hesitate on getting started with Picoworkers.

Picoworkers what people have earnt

I think this is one of those sites where you have to really put the effort in.

Even if you logged on and only focused on the 0.30 payouts, you can quite quickly reach a $10 payout with minimal effort.

As you do more tasks, the people that dish out that job will start listing you into their private lists and you’ll be offered to do the task straight away.

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